Why a Startup Tour XXL?

Why learn from startups?
Our aim is to build the bridge between the corporate world and the startup world. We believe that startups are the frontrunners in their industry. By visitting them at their office, and learning from the founders, you'll get first-hand knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship. Corporate, on the other hand, have the scale and organization power to bring an innovation to a bigger market. With facilitating new ways of connecting, we aspire to push innovations, and change business-as-usual.

Why health care?
Today's economical and health care situation asks for different insights. Change goes faster through knowledge exchange between corporates and innovative startups. With the sharing culture of Sillicon Valley in the back of our heads, the health care startup community will give us a look in their world. Ten tourguides of established names such as Startup Bootcamp, Rockstart and Social Enterprise, take you to game-changing health care startups like De Mantelaar, Axo Suits and Wolk. During these visits the founders share their personal stories. This means you hear and learn more than the basic information you can read online. They share their successes and failures and answer all your questions. Whether it's about their research, product or funding. It's an open conversation for everyone.

Who is behind the Startup Tour XXL?
The Startup Tour XXL is a joined event-concept of Professional Rebel and Professional Passionates. The first editions in 2013 and 2014 we're focussed on a broad range of industries. This year we wanted to focus on a specific industry, that is in transition and in need of innovations. After two succesful editions in 2013 and 2014 and motivated by the enthusiasm of the startup community, we're back and excited for the 2015 edition!

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