Health Data

What we do
Pacmed is a clinical decision support system for general practitioners based on Big Data analytics. The enormous amount of anonymous care data form the key to personal and precise care. Pacmed is a tool that converts the experiences of thousands of practitioners into real time, tailored advice during the doctor’s consult. Pacmed makes primary care more patient-centered and practice-based by supporting GP’s in diagnosing in time, choosing the right treatment and reducing the risk of deterioration and complications by learning which factors were predictive for giving the right care. Pacmed is fully integrated into the workflow of the practitioner and is self-learning through feedback loops. Using Pacmed we help doctors to only give the care that has proven to make the lifes of similar patients better.

How do we change business as usual
General practitioners have a very difficult job. They are ought to be able to treat and recognize the urgency of a great variety of cases in very little time. Currently general practitioners are supported in their job by protocols and guidelines formed by a small set of medical doctors. Furthermore a large part of the medical treatments are still not evidence based and randomized control trials that aim to do so are based on selective groups of people and often have biased results. The current transmission of scientific understanding into clinical practice, through guidelines and protocols, is slow and does absolutely no justice to the complexity and variety of patients where a typical general practitioner is being confronted with in daily practice.

With Pacmed general practitioners immediately learn from all the consults that thousands of their colleagues held.  Pacmed not only makes primary care evidence based, but also practice based. Where current support for GP’s does not cover the complexity and variety of the patients they meet in practice, Pacmed gives tailor made advices based on similar patients. Big Data and e-health are buzz words. The potential of Big Data in health care is huge. Everything doctors do leaves digital traces and patients generate and share tons of gigabytes of data via apps, devices and the web. The value of this data is not being exploited and used by health care professionals. We have identified the general practitioner as the ideal starting point to finally convert the vast amounts of anonymous health care data by building a tool for and with general practitioners that will show them that their digitized experience can be of great value that makes them more able to do their job.