Former Mng. Dir. KPN Healthcare

Why do I find technical innovation in health care important?
In the Netherlands the quality of health care is already at a high level. There is however still a lot to gain when it comes to people controlling their own lifes, of course taking into account each individual's potential. Technological innovation can help to better align your life on your own needs and still receive the care you need. This way, independent living, care for yourself and more fun can be combined with providing quality healthcare. 

Give an example of such an innovation.
There are beautiful examples in each subsector of care, such as telemedicine and counseling in the cure, video communication and domotica in care. I believe there is much to gain by deploying existing technologies for specific target groups in healthcare. A good example is 'serious gaming' for training physical or cognitive body functions with the aim of more balance, endurance and of course more fun!

Why the startup tour?
I believe that if we connect people from different worlds (care, established companies and startups) with each other, more opportunities for growth and innovation will emerge. This way, the best ideas are available to a wider audience in an earlier stage. This leads to a better future of health care.