Director fluent Healthcare B.V.

Why do I find technical innovation in health care important? 
In times of shortness or big change, innovation is essential to keep our Healthcare both affordable and on a high quality level. Disruptive and sustaining innovation will be essential to redefine Health and our mindset on Healthcare in the Netherlands. Our biggest challenge is how do we support the ability to adapt and to self manage instead of how do we prevent sickness. And it’s not only technical innovation but also social innovation which is needed in solving this big question.
Technical innovation is needed and probably the most effective in the consuming e Health sollutions, keeping our population Healthy and our healthcare affordable at the same time.

Give an example of such an innovation.
Mantelaar for example is a company which uses technical means to support social innovation. With the help of technology they connect students and elderly people to support elderly to self manage and stay out of the Healthcare system.